Quinn x TE72

Build currently in progress


  • Oil soaked 4ac
  • Worn out clutch from dumb friends
  • Deleted Brake Booster
  • Clutch master and Tercel Brake & Clutch pedals
  • ‘Flaoting’ Trans mount
  • Ball shifter, Anything else sucks.
  • Welded 3.9 rear
  • Sparco Sprint Driver Seat
  • Kirkly Drag race Passenger Seat


  • Cut Eibachs
  • Tokico Blue Struts
  • Tokico blue rear Shocks
  • Manaul Steering Rack
  • DQ spec Steering rack Spacers
  • Power Knuckles
  • Supra’s and Steelies, like a gangster

Future Plans:

  • 13B swap, 99% parts collected
  • 2″ rear drop, I like doing dirt roads as well.
  • S13 LCA’s
  • Some Decent wheels
  • More Stickers
  • Less Metal

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