Mike x TE72


  • Blacktop 20v 4ag
  • T3 Velocity stacks
  • Megasquirt I Extra
  • Ford EDIS ignition
  • NA Miata coils
  • Painless 8 Circuit race car kit
  • Cusco motor + tranny mounts
  • OBX 20v headers
  • Dang Drifters SPL custom exhaust with miata muffler to cherry bomb sidepipe
  • Some type of exedy stock or stage 1 clutch
  • possibly stock 20v flywheel
  • stock welded rear end
  • Koyo ae86 radiator
  • Walbro 255 fuel pump
  • Earl’s Oil cooler


  • 6pt Formula D spec roll cage
  • F1 Spec Recaro bootlegs
  • 5 pt harnesses
  • Jegs 5 gallon fuel Cell
  • Nardi classic
  • quick release
  • Boss hub
  • VW Rabbit front lip
  • T3 tow hook
  • TONS of rust and character


  • Ae86 GTS  strut tubes and brakes *shortened 45mm
  • T3 front GC coilovers 8k
  • T3 camber plates
  • T3 NCRCA
  • T3 4 link
  • T3 panhard bar
  • KYB SW20 4 way shocks in front
  • Swift 6.5k rear springs
  • AE86 power rack and power knuckles
  • JIC super angle inner tie rods
  • Cusco front sway bar
  • Longchamp Xr4’s F:14×7 +1 R: 14×7.5 -7

Future Plans:

  • T3 Tension rods
  • manual rack
  • GTS rearend with 4.7 and welded
  • Illegal Garage 1 Piece drive shaft
  • KYB 8 way Camaro rear shocks

Current Status: Build 95% completed. Drifted in first event. Need to install gauges, extend e brake handle and a few other odds and ends here and there


6 Responses to “Mike x TE72”

  1. sick boston massacre!!!!!

  2. Mike did you do the 16v water pump conversion?

  3. nah all blacktop stuff, me and my friend are making custom waterlines though from the back.

  4. you think the 20v Clutch is goin to handle up on the clutch kicks?

  5. hmm that’s a good question, i doubt it’ll be a problem though. i mean 20v is more power… but it’s still like 130 hp haha.

  6. holy crap you all have some sick old school corollas! I love them!

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