Luis x TE72

1980 Corolla SR5 with COMPLETE AE86 GTS underbody


  • AE111 BlackTop 4age
  • stock ECU
  • T3 Gold Velocity Stacks
  • T3 Exhaust Gear
  • TRD 4-1 Header
  • T3 Test Pip
  • Fujitsubo Exhaust
  • Koyo Radiator
  • S.S. Works Waterline Kit
  • Illegal Garage Clutch and Flywheel
  • Illegal Garage One Piece Chromoly Driveshaft
  • GTS Rear end with KAAZ 2-Way LSD
  • Heineken Catch Can


  • Manual Steering rack from AE72 with AE86 Power Knuckles
  • T3 Coilovers (8kg) shortened for Tokico HTS Shocks
  • T3 Camber Plates
  • T3 Negative Camber Roll Center Adjusters
  • TRD Japan (6kg) rear springs with Tokico HTS Shocks
  • T3 Lateral Rod
  • Illegal Garage Slotted Brakes with Goodridge SS Lines


  • Sparco Sprint
  • Nardi Steering Wheel
  • Cusco Roll Cage for AE86
  • Blu808 Side Impact Bars
  • Chevrolet S-10 Lip
  • mexi-CAN Flag

Future Plans

  • T3 Complete Pulley Kit
  • T3 4-Links
  • T3 Tension Control Rods
  • T3 Lower Control Arms
  • JDM Chrome Bumpers (SHOULD be on their way actually)
  • Chrome Fender Mirrors (already have, just waiting on bumpers)
  • Rims

6 Responses to “Luis x TE72”

  1. Luis, have you gotten your chrome bumpers yet?

  2. Inspiration! Lookin’ to do the same with my ’81 sedan.

  3. awebbooo.. powerr mexicano muy bien luis!!

  4. Zup man, I’m from Tijuana, and I’m repairing my 81 TE72, the LCA’s from AE86 match with the TE72?

  5. How hard was the lsd swap direct bolt in or custom fabed? if c ustom how hard was it?

  6. Awesome build, I wanna do the same to my 1980, there is not a lot of these out there it seems, I have an 86 as well but I love my 4 door brown bomber!

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