Grant x AE71

Specs updated March 12 2010


  • AE101 4agze
  • Trd 0.8mm gasket
  • HKS Mushroom filter
  • JAR Triple core alloy radiator
  • 1G Intercooler
  • China relocation oil cooler kit
  • Trd copy 4-1 extractors
  • 2 1/4″ exhaust piping
  • Excedy Heavy Duty Clutch
  • T50 Gearbox
  • Borg Warner Rear end (Works a treat, no need for anything else)


  • Ae86 Tein HA Coilovers 8kg
  • Cusco Camber Tops
  • T3 Rose Jointed & Adjustable LCA’s
  • Ae86 power steering arms
  • 45mm RCA’s
  • No name strut brace (painted Pink with green glitter lol)
  • Trd 8-way adjustable Rear Shocks
  • Trd 6kg Springs
  • Adjustable panhard rod
  • Madhouse Rose Jointed 4link
  • AE86 power rack and power knuckles

Future Plans:

  • Drift, dirt turbo… Maybe some wall damage on the arse

Current Status:

  • Hardparked

Toffee Apple V.2

Toffee Apple With A Hint Of JDM

Engine Progression:


4age 16v

Current Motor: 4agze


9 Responses to “Grant x AE71”

  1. awwwww mate absolute legend hahahah ive got a ke70 thats starting off exactly like yours was im starting to get into this drifting and am learning allot from u lol im on ae86 and named rollake70 id love to get more infomation on what you do and who you came about to doing it lol big fan

  2. looking to see if you have any connections on flares ke bumpers & front chin spoiler

  3. Grant, do they still make the Mad House Lip? I would fork up to $$$ to get it shipped to Hawaii.

  4. Friday night was cool! Hurt my diff a little but should be able to make the drags (and back?) tonight.

    How do I get a spot on the blog?

  5. Ohh man i love your car and i have seen lots of your pictures im getting a ae71 just like and i will be putting a sr20det into it i cant wait i wanna come to you and ask advice on what to do on the car thanks! (16) year old gonna Drift!.
    im a drift ADDICT!
    Thanks Braidon Voncina.

  6. Hey Grant Scott i love you and your car im getting one like yours gonna put a Sr20det in it and i wanna come to you for advice on what to do on my car thanks Grant Scott
    Thanks Briadon Voncina (16 year old).

  7. sorry for writing 2 things it said i have to rewrite it so i did kinda and then they both popped up sorry again =)

  8. HEY MAN i got a ae71 nd i know the swap is easier than a te71 with a 4age. just wonder befor i start putting my money else were..can i use my 4ac :alternator waterpump nd ac unit?

  9. I have seen it done, but I would stick with the GE altinator, water pump and AC

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