Brice x TE72

Build currently in progress


  • Black Top 20v 4age
  • SPEC Stage 3 6 puck Clutch
  • TRD Motor Mounts
  • 16v modded Pacesetter Header
  • T3 Veloctiy Stack
  • T3 Short Shifter
  • GTS rear end with LSD


  • AE86 GC Coilovers 8kg
  • TRD 6kg 1 cut coil Rear
  • Tokico HTS Shocks
  • T3 Camber Plates
  • T3 RCA
  • T3 panhard bar
  • AW11 MR2 Manual Rack
  • Limitless Motorsport Steering angle spacers
  • Sparco Speed Seat
  • SSR MKIII -2/ -14 Wheels

Future Plans:

  • T3 4 link setup
  • Weir Performance  4.7 Final Drive
  • TRD 2 way LSD
  • ARP IS300 extended studs
  • Koyo AE86 Radiator
  • PASS Racing 1 piece Driveshaft
  • AJPS Front  FC caliper brackets/Brakes
  • Buddyparts Rear S13 bracket/Rotors
  • Madhouse Chin Lip
  • 14×8 -14 wheels

3 Responses to “Brice x TE72”

  1. Killer setup ! I just picked up a TE71 with a 2tg motor. Going to swap it soon. Looking for some inspiration.

  2. Will the is300 extended lug nuts fit a te72 hub not a ae86 or are they the same hubs please get back to me

  3. Sono molto deluso dal fatto che un post semplice e tranquillo come questo di Tornielli si trasformi nell’ennesima faida tra “fascisti” e i82comun2sti”. Siamo veramente fermi al 1945, salvo che, almeno, una volta avevano il coraggio di menarsi per strada, non sui computer? Che pena.

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