Word Up event, 1/15/11

Went with my friend to Santa Clara for Word Up with his SR.  Tons of fun!  Everyone in the area should go to this event.  Even if you’re far up North.  It’s the shit.  I had hella fun.

Me drifting:

Yeah it’s not a Corolla.  Go cry about it womp womp.

And a bidjoh I made:

So much fun.

And Todd’s TE, pretty sick!  Needs some of that low breh!

And some Corolla that I was jockin all day, you can’t tell by the pictures but it was low low in the front!  Oh and he had some nice ass Flatheads, 2 years on them.  Oh, no homo, I almost forgot.



~ by tehluckinator on January 17, 2011.

4 Responses to “Word Up event, 1/15/11”

  1. Is that your boys TE with the 16v?

  2. yezzir

  3. So that 2 bolts steering column is holding up?

  4. oh he ended up fabbing some shit haha

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