I hope it starts.

Jordan finished wiring the COPs

He also finished up the harness wiring while I put in the suspension, driveshaft, etc.  Tried cranking it, nothing.  Starter is bad.  Not to mention we were using a charger to try to crank, no battery lols.  Looks pretty cool though, the motor in the car, that is.

Car’s on the ground now too, rad.  Without the NCRCAs in the front the fitment looks pretty horrible.  I can’t wait to adjust the LCAs like 50mm out @_@  How it sits currently:

Important stuff to do:

  • New starter
  • Battery
  • Find ISCV valve (Mike dawg did you find your extra one?  Hit me!)
  • Make plate to hold injectors #3 and #4
  • AN Fitting for fuel filter
  • Alternator belt
  • Hope it cranks

Other shit:

  • Boots for tie rods etc
  • AE86 column boot
  • Tranny fluid + put in shifter
  • Finish dash
  • Rear shocks

And the SC:

Needs more roof wing.  And the Bomex mirrors I have.  And LP2.  And smaller front tires.  And lower in the front.  And sidemarkers.  And Intrepid fog lights.  Fack.

Smog is due by Wednesday, oops.  Hopefully I can get an extension.  DMV, here I come.



~ by tehluckinator on January 11, 2011.

5 Responses to “I hope it starts.”

  1. Good stuff Lucky!

  2. Looks Awsome!

  3. both projects: i love them.

    but i hate you.

    keep up the good work Lucky!

  4. yea i found it ill ship it out asap we just got hammer with 2 feet of snow so you gotta bear with me here lol. Also i need the addressss

  5. yo mike! i emailed you at your mr0 email! thanks again! and no need to rush, i sure as hell am not haha.

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