Put the tranny flywheel clutch etc together, couldn’t find a throwout bearing.  Luckily found one in the other tranny I have.  Then couldn’t find the clips that hold the pilot bearing in, found one, AND MAGICALLY FOUND ONE ON TOP OF THE MOTOR.  What the shit.


Ended up having to beat the firewall in a little.  We didn’t measure, just took the precaution.  Good thing.

Motor almost there…

Hi Sam.

And FELLOW COROLLA OWNER Henry told me he did hockey pucks, and at $0.99 each I thought I’d copy him.  EXCEPT THEY WERE $4.99 EACH.  Tried using 1 on each side, it was about 15mm shorter than stock, but it wouldn’t reach the motor bracket, so I ended up having to stack 2.  Now the motor sits higher than stock.  I hope the headers will clear.  But it was cheap as hell, and they’re rough.  Everyone should do this.

Pretty much in…

Jordan got bored and did a Teal zebra.  Looks kinda cool haha.

And then it’s in!

Went under to bolt up the tranny crossmember, started tripping out because it had crazy ass holes drilled into it.  *NOTE* AE86 transmission crossmembers DO NOT fit onto TE chassis.  You have to slot and make holes to put it on.  Luckily for me, the person who had it after/before (lols) me did this already.  Thanks Brian!

Another note, it’s not lined up correctly in the picture… as you can see, haha.

Jordan is doing the COP wiring tonight, gotta find a rear waterpump housing, well not really, the motor can run without it for now.  Got the harness finished from Derryl, I have to find out what the hell B+ wiring is, and then hopefully… it’ll crank?  Luis is coming by to check everything out and make sure it’s all good.  Wish me luck nugz!


*PS* Holy shit Emilio and Henry said the same shit to me at the same time, THEY DON’T KNOW EACH OTHER

EMILIO 11:34 pm

i was gonna say

if your motor sits too high

stack washers

and take out a puck

HENRY 11:34 pm

in fact

if you stacked washers

it might have made it the same height as a single motor mount



~ by tehluckinator on January 3, 2011.

8 Responses to “MOTOR IS IN GODDAMNIT.”

  1. it’s about time. good job, you dummies!

  2. congratulations on your progress! keep it up 🙂

  3. Thanks sir!

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  4. Dude in the black hat looks just like my friend..Congratz on the swap, cant wait to see vidz of this thing.

  5. This is good news! Congrats. I’m jeleous of you cali ppl with nice weather all year long. I don’t even feel like walkin outside in the 2 feet of snow to replace my blown out clutch master cyl

  6. great progress!!

  7. Looking great! Damn tranny brackets never line up!

  8. Thanks for them cheeseburgers today.

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