It’s coming together. I’m about $400 in so far. I’d like to keep it under $500, but I doubt that’ll happen…

Motor is in, bolted up. Fuel pump is in and plumbed. Driveshaft installed all bolted in place. There’s still a bunch left to do. Seal the sensor hole in the oil pan, plumb the heater core delete. Wiring is slowly being worked out, I’m pretty stupid when it comes to wiring. The exhaust is going to be a pain in the ass. The 12a swap originally came out of a ’70’s peanut corolla, so it fit a bit differently because of the recirculating ball steering. I set the motor back as far as I could with some hammering and smashing.

It’s a pretty hideous car, and the work I’ve done is ugly as well. This move to the west coast cut my resources down to so little. Working in the rain and rolling in the mud sucks, but eventually it will get done. I’m on the hunt for a fuel cell, or at least some motivation and insight to make one. I’d like to use the rear passanger foot wells so I can keep the tank away from the wall if I get ass draggy. The more I seem to do to it, the more my interest in making it a track only car grows.

I’m also on the hunt for some MX73, MX83, MA40, MA60 lower control arms, as they are longer than the corolla ones. I want some negative camber up front, and that seems to be the cheapest route to go. A hole saw would be nice to start shaving some weight. I’m keeping my eye out for plexi glass too, as the windows just weigh to much.

I’m seriously considering moving the rad to the mid-back of the car. I’m building a drift beater so I might as well keep the coolant off the track. I’m tempted to just say fuck it, cut all the doors down to skins, pull all the glass except the windshield and drivers door and keep it stripped down.

Eitherway, getting it running and driving is most important right now.


~ by discoquinn on December 30, 2010.

One Response to “Slowly”

  1. oh man this is gonna be awesome. fuel cell NUTS!

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