Lucky’s TE is starting to move again.

Not much, car on jackstands, blah blah blah, no motor in yet.  After Christmas!

Boring pictures:

Oh yeah, Henry picked up a Corolla shell.  If your car drifts before mine I will part my whole car and sell every single piece for $1.  BUHLEEE DAT BRUH.



~ by tehluckinator on December 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Lucky’s TE is starting to move again.”

  1. SSShit! Lucky get me pics of that gas filler hole!

  2. No, bud. Tonji is a shutterbug, and, save for a few food shots in the Yung Kee dinner (immediately below post), Tonji took all the food shots.Mine were ok, but his were so much bettsr.Beet,N

  3. It looks relaxing and like it is full of love. I think I would pick the modern home from The Holiday too. The spaces are just so useful and nice!

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