So that piece of junk I call a Corolla…

Is finally gonna get worked on sometime soon again.  The stuff that doesn’t cost money at least, haha.  It’s been on hold for a while, the wagon wasn’t cutting it as a daily so I got the SC, and worked on that.  But I did move it to the same house that the SC was at, that’s pretty much all of the progress it’s made.

Check list for reference:

  • freeze plug/weld/something for rear water thing
  • JSP blockoff plate
  • find motor mounts
  • fill diff with 1 more bottle of fluid
  • spacer for steering column is missing
  • rear housing for 16v waterpump business, shave fins yada yada
  • BV LCAs
  • those cool ass RCAs I traded
  • rear shocks
  • replace front AGX’s
  • harness from Derryl
  • figure out COP wiring
  • some speed sensor wiring bullshit, I don’t know
  • probably a bunch of other shit

That should be enough for now.  Plus, I have a bunch of shit written on my windshield.  No current pictures, but I found this, I like it:

Just imagine that, but with the pizza cutters on the rear, and MKIIs in the front.  Oh and the front is higher than before because it has springs now hahaha.

And I miss driving this, I wish I never hit a pot hole -_-

Stock KA cry me a river.

Also, I have things for sale that I forgot I did:

  • 20v cap and rotor
  • AE86 bare strut casings, no springs no shocks

Let me know if you’re interested, shit is just taking up space.



~ by tehluckinator on December 19, 2010.

5 Responses to “So that piece of junk I call a Corolla…”

  1. Always build your corolla for reliability, rather than speed. track time is cooler than anything else. 🙂 Get’r Done!

  2. Get back on it!

  3. Please post up what you figure out about the speed sensor. I want to be able to hook mine up as well without changing the dash in my 82

  4. ^sorry mayne i changed the dash and went to ae86 gauge cluster. it’s easy to do!

  5. of course we’ll share some time around the table… whether it’s Maryland crabs, pizza on the grill, fine dining or a favorite local re utarant.Âs  We haven’t been together since October, when

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