GT5 owns my life, too.

I feel you Mike, hahaha.

Add me people!

PSN – tehluckinator

I don’t really race online much, just jerifts. I just got my Logitech GT today so I’ll be nerding it up pretty hardcore.  16 car tandem let’s go!

Oh in other news, I finished the SC300 yesterday.  I like it!  It’s pretty dark (and cold) outside right now so I’ll take a picture tomorrow or something.



~ by tehluckinator on November 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “GT5 owns my life, too.”

  1. I totally wanna see the sc!! I bet it looks great!
    Gt5 is real cool
    my PSN: Saurv_era
    I met you a while back at quicklies milpotas you were there with Yuta.

  2. oh what’s up man i remember you! sc looks alright, it’s nothing special though.

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