Drifting on spare wheels.

This always seem to kill me.  People have nice cars with good fitment, but as soon as they hit the track, here come the 15×6.5’s.  If you can afford to have a nice car, why not have decent spares?  Battles are cheap, even FN’s!  Perfect example:

This car looks great.  But when it goes drifting:


But I guess that’s where Corollas get awesome, hello Supras!

One benefit of Corollas, it can be easy to get good fitment.  Supras, slot mags, Centerlines (YUCK).  So come on big wheel boys, step it up.



~ by tehluckinator on November 21, 2010.

7 Responses to “Drifting on spare wheels.”

  1. hey dude, do you still have the mk2’s? if you do i’ll buy them back from you lol.

  2. yeah i do, i really don’t wanna sell them though haha. but then they’re 14×7 and i want 14×8.

  3. To be fair, the guy on those crappy spares was on some of his last pairs, he has a few sets of better fitting ones haha

    Me, I have a crappy car. And no money. So I have crappy spares all the time. I’d rather spend money on event fees than cool spares, or even cool wheels for the street.

  4. shit i rock my pizza cutters with 50mm spacers. ughh -23 cutterz!

  5. damn, ok. let me know if you ever plan on selling them. i have cash waiting lol.

  6. ignite soul – oh okay, good to hear haha. i love that guy’s car though!

    rj – DAAAAMN hahahaha

    jerry – damn i really don’t want to. how much did you sell them for?

  7. Sup sent u an email

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