A friend of mine Royden welded the coolant bypass hole. Got it back today and got started on the motor.

SQ Engineering thermostat block off bolted together.

Grinded some of the fin’s on the 20v water pump to mate with the 16v thermostat housing.

Threw the waterpump, timing belt, tensioner etc on. (Pretty sure the timing belt on right,  I hope)



~ by bkh808 on November 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “Assemble”

  1. sick!

    but i’m confused. why aren’t you running a thermo?

  2. I am using a thermostat. I just blocked off the bypass pipe. Im going to be drilling a few hole around the thermostat rim. In other words when the engine is cold and the thermo is shut water will be able to flow a little bit threw the holes. When it warms up the thermo will open and flow threw the radiator then back to the motor.

  3. This is looking good. Can’t wait see this thing killing it.

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