Some cool SCs

Because there aren’t that many.

Yeah this is Corolla blog, OH WELL DEAL WITH IT.

And here’s a Corolla to stay on topic:




~ by tehluckinator on November 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Some cool SCs”

  1. from one trend to another 😦

    how do I delete my life from this?

  2. bitch i drifted my TE before you!

  3. Bitch!! I drifted TE71 before YOU, bozo.

    I owned my 82 Corolla SR5 hardtop back in 1990, and got sideways with Celica Supras, RX7s, KP Starlets, Rwd Colts, Datsuns, and Starions, back in 1988…Were you even ALIVE, asshole?

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