What I’ve been doing lately.

So the TE hasn’t seen any progress.  Well I guess some, it’s in the same city as me now, so at least I won’t have to drive 40 minutes to work on it anymore.  Motor is ready to be dropped almost, just need the finish the waterline shit and probably small miscellaneous things, but TE is low on my priority list (oops, this is an e7 blog.)  I sold my Legacy wagon to a friend and picked up the SC300 Yuta had for sale.  I need a daily, and the car is done, it just has to be put together.

I’ve been putting it together and stuff, bought some Style 95’s and conversion adapters.  The car is high as hell on 19’s, but I kinda like it, I can probably go over speed bumps no problem!

Look at how high the front bumper sits haha.  I should have went wider in the front, oh well.  And if you haven’t seen this car previous, EVERY SINGLE FENDER IS FUCKED.  Whoever owned it before Yuta, I don’t know what the hell they were thinking, but it was pretty much the shittiest pull in existence.  Each side split in multiple places, besides the passenger fender, which isn’t even the original.  I did my best to fix it, so now it just looks shitty.

I need more low in the rear.  Should be driving around next week though!

As for the TE, that’ll probably sit for a while.  Christmas is coming up and a bunch of shit I have to pay for.  Oh well!



~ by tehluckinator on November 4, 2010.

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  1. Fail lol

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