Socal Trip / JCCS Part 4

Yeah this was over a week ago.  Here’s pictures.

Surprisingly in better condition than what I had thought!

A photoshoot with Motormavens, with an S2000 on bags.  Car was sick!  Alex had a Playstation controller to control the bags:

Well we met up with everyone in a mall, ate some Messikin food again, then headed to shoot.  I have no idea how to use cameras, so I just fucked around with settings.  I like this because it looks like a bomb is gonna explode, and check out the airplane:

Antonio’s flash thingies look like bombs.  Ended up holding them for like 3 hours, we finished the shoot at like 6AM, fuck.

Yuta bought these two items at Target, and these two items only.  It was lulz.  I told him to smile, and he gave me a creeper face.


I don’t really look at Ruckus stuff, but this is the coolest one I’ve ever seen, at Bowls:

And that was the trip that lasted 2 more days than it was supposed to.  Thanks again to everyone in Socal for the hospitality, you guys are awesome!



~ by tehluckinator on September 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Socal Trip / JCCS Part 4”

  1. Orange TE is tits.

  2. yeah dude double d’s for sure

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