Socal Trip / JCCS Part 2

Saturday I didn’t have my camera, oops.  Oh and I threw up everywhere, that’s not good either.  I thought Gatorade would heal me up all nice.  I took a sip, pointed to the ground outside and said, “I’m gonna throw up.”  And I totally did.  Justin lowered his wagon in the parking lot with a jack Alan brought, and then we were off to some car show.  I think it was a Zilvia meet?  No idea, K1 Gokarting was where it was at, and those gokarts were weird.  Electric, slow-looking.  Place was nice though.  One of the first things I spotted, and one of the only TEs this weekend:

SICK.  3TC, Mikuni carbs or something I don’t know, and low.  Sweet car, owned by Cedric, a fucking fight instructor.  YOU ARE TOO COOL.  I slept on a couch inside, or attempted to, because I still felt shitty.  Yuta ended up winning a trophy, “Best S30.”  AKA ONLY S30.  This was there too, I love this car:

There was a bunch of other 240s there, most looked like assholes though.  Actual ones.  Went back to Alan’s house, and watched him back up his All Trac thingy into the TE at the gas station, broke my heart.  And Yuta fixed the TEs front by breaking it, what an asshole.  He felt bad and said he’d fix it, so he started tugging on some shit and broke the headlight surround, hahaha.  Here, it’s fixed:

Oh and I had carne asada fries, TOO GOOD:

And then Henry and Matt showed up.  Not sure what else happened.  Oh yeah met up with Benson Hsu and Co. and this awesome I-Don’t-Know-How-To-Describe-It-But-It-Was-Awesome place.  Portollinos?  I don’t know, it was really good.  Thanks again, Benson!

And I think there was talk about getting stabbed, instead of sleeping. Hahaha.


~ by tehluckinator on September 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Socal Trip / JCCS Part 2”

  1. that red S13 was at All Star Bash! Looks awesome AND driven hard.


    At 3:08

  2. Good meeting you Lucky! Thanks for hanging out!

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