Socal Trip / JCCS Part 1?

Pretty epic weekend, one of the bests I’ve had.  Oh, and it ended up being 5 days instead of the original 3, it was that awesome.  Left Stockton Friday to meet up with Yuta Rich and Justin, left my car at Henry’s house and headed to Sonics to wait for Kenny and Max.

Backwards parking at Sonics.  Illogical and cool.  And this truck passed by the gas station, this isn’t a good picture but it was weird.  It wasn’t a bro truck, it reminded me of a train.  With some Mad Max.  I don’t know it was cool though.

Kenny and Max showed up, TOO COOL

I think we took 5 down, whatever it was it was shitty.  Yuta’s car hits reflectors, it was pretty dumb after a while, I wanted to cry.  Took a couple of sweet pictures:

I really like the last one.  Apparently my girlfriend’s camera is really good for a non DSLR, unfortunately I have no idea how to use it.  Oh yeah I like this one too:

Some Prius had this in the car haha:

Stopped like 10 times at gas stations, we exited once and Yuta probably blew something up, the car ran like poop for a while, but he just left it and it fixed itself, that’s how I fix cars too!  Justin’s car is awesome.

Got to a hotel near Disneyland, I think the actual street was called Disneyland Ave or something, the desk guy had the best comb over ever.  I tried taking a creeper picture of him, and it went fine, but then the camera made noise and he looked over, so I had to turn the camera.  It was funny haha.  But I managed to get a picture of it:

Snoop Dogg:

We got into our rooms and watched Fast and Furious.  Everyone knows every single line, what the fuck guys.

Netflix is awesome, I want it.  With the shitty hotel connection Ron streamed it with no problems.  Or maybe it was choppy, I don’t know we were fucked.  Oh and Justin shot roman candles at our door from downstairs in the parking lot, it was AMAZING.  And cops came.  And I don’t know why I took this picture:

And now I’m lazy.  Part 2 today or tomorrow maybe!



~ by tehluckinator on September 16, 2010.

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  1. good stuff

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