Mayer Hawthorne in Fresno.

After missing both his Davis AND various SF shows, I finally got to see Mayer Hawthorne live.  And it was fucking awesome.  iPhone 3g is pretty shitty, here’s a picture:

Yeah, shitty.  So here’s some pictures I found on the interwebs:

The whole show was dope, even did an NERD cover which I didn’t expect.  Got to meet him after the show and talk for a little, super chill guy.  Wasn’t a dick or anything.  And apparently I was the only one who recognized the NERD song haha.

Here’s a clip I found on youtube, his story’s pretty hilarious.  And I see my arm!

So in case you haven’t heard of Mayer Hawthorne, start listening to him.  He is rad brad.  I’ll start you off:

Come on you Filipinos, he even covers some Slum:

So if you haven’t listened to any Mayer Hawthorne yet, do yourself a favor and start.  Doesn’t disappoint, I assure you.



~ by tehluckinator on August 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mayer Hawthorne in Fresno.”

  1. Cool, man! Been listening to these guys for a while.

  2. FUCKYEAH! MH is great man! no shows in Las Vegas though…

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