Off topic: E36?

Are these cars really that shitty?  Maintenance-wise at least.  From what I’ve read and heard, these cars crap out pretty easily.

Anyone own one?

DTMark on ZT’s old car is rad brad. (BTW if you’re on ZT check out the Stalker thread in the Chaos section, holy shit HAHA)



~ by tehluckinator on August 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “Off topic: E36?”

  1. there really good and the maintance is not that bad..if you want to get really seroius(pretty much to make a track car) then all you need to do is get the m3 rear sub frame…the 325s are kinda slow but they get down(318 with the m42 is really slow)…it just takes some patience if you want to drift it and it makes a way better grip car than a 240 any day…id rock one any day over a 240

  2. no track car just dd haha. coilovers and wheels that’s all. what makes the m3 subframe different?

  3. I’ve heard that E36’s are decent (for German cars). If you want an M3, it is more involved though. The VANOS maintenance is one annoyance I hear mentioned (also, beware of the “Money Shift”).

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