Sort of my car… Kind of. Not really.

Was going through my Myspace and my friend sent this to me.  I don’t remember who it is, or where it’s from.  But it’s the same color as my car, so let’s just say it’s me, testing out new wheels.



~ by tehluckinator on August 17, 2010.

7 Responses to “Sort of my car… Kind of. Not really.”

  1. Isn’t that EMAG_dnm’s old car? He’s rocks the older Cressida with G from Serial Nine.

  2. well thats sick but that levin is sooo wet! lol

  3. that’s the photobucket it came from so i guess it must be him haha. and yeah that levin was sick!

  4. The Rotary AE86!

  5. I think my friend now owns that e7. which by the way is now garbage.

  6. he should ungarbage it. that’s what i’m trying to do at least

  7. Kevin Peterson. He owned all those driveway ornaments. Check my book of faces.

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