Lucky’s TE just took 5 steps forward

Headed up to Sac to visit my car, and Derryl came through and basically fixed EVERYTHING.  Manual rack got put in, steering column is fixed because apparently I put it in wrong or something (WTF is that possible), he started doing the blacktop harness, untangled my fuel lines (scary), and probably a bunch of other shit.  You’re the fucking man!  Skinnier than me and you’re like 10 times stronger holy shit haha.

Dre’s dog kept going RIGHT UNDER THE CROSSMEMBER when we were jacking up the car, you crazy ass pug!  So we made a barrier around her ahaha.

Derry’s car

My real life photoshop skills

Dropped the car on the ground and put the MKII’s on the front, looks rad

So now my car is super close to at least having the motor in.  Just more shit to buy.

I headed home that night and the Subaru broke down on the freeway, piece of shit.  Left it there overnight and got scared the next morning, because my friend Jason looked up how long you could leave your car on the freeway, 4 hours.  Fuck.

Luckily it was still there.  The brand new alternator ended up going bad, Dre suspects that it’s because of the shitty grounds.

Came home and FedEx brought me some presents

Anyone interested in the white one?  It’s in pretty good condition, some dings, nothing major.  I was gonna put it in the Legacy but I think I lost the hub I bought.

Oh yeah and I sporadically went to watch Blackstar FINALLY with Dre.  Set wasn’t that great, but still, it’s Blackstar.  We got tickets an hour after the show started, so we got the highest seats possible.  Fuck.

It’s a center for ants.

And watched Inception with my girlfriend today, GO WATCH IT. Fucking amazing, one of my favorite movies, EVER.

And picked up my Battleversion LCAs that I bought last week, rad!

Thanks again for the help Derryl, I ❤ you no (all) homo.  When are you coming up again?  Let me know ahead of time so we can call Luis and everyone else who wants to come and BBQ it up.



~ by tehluckinator on August 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “Lucky’s TE just took 5 steps forward”

  1. Sweet post! How much for the steering wheel?

  2. 80 bucks. interested?

  3. SWEET! So you did end up getting the column in? Awesome

  4. didnt see this. crazy ass pug.

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