MKIIs for… trade?

Just seeing if there’s any interest.  I’d like to run 14×8’s in the front, and I was planning to use the MKII’s.  Pair, 14×7 +0, white, pretty beat up, old school style so they use shank style lug nuts.  Probably end up keeping these, but just seeing if anyone would like to trade some 14×8’s, I’d put cash on top for sure.  Look like the front ones:


Or maybe I’ll get some… Diamond Racing wheels (I think I’ll get beat up for that).  But I mean, the white sedan that was posted a couple back didn’t look bad with black steelies in front.


~ by tehluckinator on July 27, 2010.

7 Responses to “MKIIs for… trade?”

  1. you should maybe just get some 40mm or 50mm spacers? thats what im gonna do. lol just throwing it out there. unless your really tired of those wheels.



    we should probably talk in person.

    come to San Jose this week.

  3. and aren’t those the EXACT wheels pictured?

  4. I have stickers Yuta handed me to give you, Lucky. You never answer my texts when I was in the area. I’m so giving you a hand job….I mean….kick in the suck yo dick…GAAAHH!

  5. robert – i picked up some adjustable lcas so i’ll be good with spacing, i just wanted to run some x 8’s =(

    yuta – fuck i knew it hahaha. i saw that you’re leaving to japan wtf! when are you leaving?

    luis – man text me ahead of time so i know to wake up haha. i’m ordering coilover sleeves next week so i hope you can make sexy time with my struts soon

  6. trade for a pair of 14 x 7 – 2ish long champs

  7. thanks for the offer but i think i’ll keep them. BUT if they x 8 i’d hella grab them =\

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