Drifting at 99 Speedway

So last weekend I went to a local track (10 minutes away from Work, WOOHOO) to have a little drift session since I still had couple tires left from All Star Bash X. Not to mention it was ONLY $55 to drift! 4 People on track at a time and just a relaxed environment. Brought me back to the ol’ days where I was meeting new people and getting jittery to go out on a new track.

Everyone was there to have a good time. Thank you 99 Speedway for having us there and SSAUTOD for hosting a grassroots and relax environment. I’ll definitely be coming back!

Here’s a short video made by Earl (Red RX7). He’s from Oregon and a total cool guy. The drift attitude is common no matter where you’re from. Just out to have a good time and share the love of gettin sideways.



~ by mayanwarrior on July 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “Drifting at 99 Speedway”

  1. Badass!!!

  2. looks like an awesome time!

  3. ANGRY EARL!!!!!!!!!!hes missed up here in the NW

  4. WASHINGTON, niggasaurus.

  5. Washington….Oregon…..sMe shit. It’s North of California and south of Canada, aye. Cool people from up there. I heard the drift scene is more involved there than the california scene. Here, drifting seems to be another trend

  6. this whole video is rigged, mirrors and….corolla smoke…impossible.

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