Hilux/4runner/Fucking any truck front shocks in Corolla rear?

Corolla gurus please chime in.

In the past I’ve been told that front Hilux truck shocks work in the rears of Corollas.  So I found some 4runner shocks:

The ones in the middle.  Looks like they fit to me.

And then I contacted a dude on Club4ag who said he used Chevy 2500 shocks.  I was kind of skeptical, and then I found this:

Oh sweet, Chevy shocks.  And then I read the description:

“13.35 in. extended length, 9.01 in. collapsed length”

So let’s do some math and comparison between the shocks I found, and the infamous light blue TRD Race rears.  And I’ll throw in YZ shocks that I’ve been told about.  Inches converted into millimeters.

Chevy shocks:

Max Length – 339.09mm

Min Length – 228.854mm

Travel – 110.236mm

TRD light blues, 48531-AE831:

Max Length – 473mm

Min Length – 293mm

Travel – 180mm

YZ Shocks:

Max Length – 327mm

Min Length – 220mm

Travel – 107mm

Now I know there’s a lot more to shocks than just length, but fuck, that is some short shit.  The guy who used Chevy shocks said that they’re too short and that I’d have to have 2 coils cut in order for them to be functional.  Well luckily for me, I have 2 coils cut out of my TRD springs.

I’m no expert, but thinking about it, trucks are heavy as shit.  So these shocks should be pretty decent on a Corolla, yeah?  I’m sure rebound and all of that is off, but with barely any suspension travel, does it honestly matter?

All in all, I want this

without using a lot of this

I’m cheap.  Fuck you.



~ by tehluckinator on July 14, 2010.

8 Responses to “Hilux/4runner/Fucking any truck front shocks in Corolla rear?”

  1. Hi.
    I found what shock absorber is used in T3 for their Rear Coilover Conversion! ($ 625.00)
    The Australian forum told me that this is the KYB AGX Rear Shocks 1982-2002 Camaro Firebird #743019
    For myself and my AE70, I stood on them.
    Maybe they are better than off-road one?

  2. If you’re cheap, TE drift is not for you
    if you’re cheap, Drift is not for you

    if you’re cheap, charge me $5 to make me holla. I’m on my way

  3. The Hilux ones have alot of rebound so will be bouncy dude.

  4. Why not just use MR2 AGX’s?

  5. TRD blues.

    Fuck everything else.

  6. What about my awesome idea?

    or what about just taking the springs out in the rear?

  7. Lucky trade me your trd springs for my stance

  8. i put the 4runner 4×4 93front shoks(KYB gas ajust), in rear. in my AE86 corolla and RULES!!!!

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