Microwave’s TE72 RIP

Woody/Microwave from Hachi Roku sent his old TE, which was unfortunately wrecked by a damn BMW SUV.

“The full AE86 swap (and I mean everything bumper to bumper GTS wiring, GTS tank/fuel lines, GTS front/rear suspension/brakes/ebrake, GTS LSD rear, AE86 interior, as well as ever other little piece you could imagine).

Actual mods:
Crossdrilled/slotted rotors
Cusco AS type strut bar
KYB shocks (gas-a-just)
Chopped US spec bumpers w/MK2 supra lights
Plethora of custom one off brackets and parts
There’s a lot more I just don’t remember because it’s been gone for awhile.
Countless number fab hours and busted knuckles”

shortened black bumper!

GTS Interior swap (minus panels) and standard Nardi



Even the spring perch got fucked.

Parting out...

... and swapped to an AE86.

Sad to see it crunched.  Luckily everything else was salvagable!  Shortened front bumper, according to him, “remove the skin, then remove the 5mph impact foam and trim the skin to fit.”  Smart alternative for all of us non-ballin’ people.  Thanks for the submission, Woody!


~ by tehluckinator on July 11, 2010.

One Response to “Microwave’s TE72 RIP”

  1. IF that was in New Zealand we woulda done a front cut and fixed the 1st shell!

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