TE72 Wagon on iCarly hahaha!

I was watching iCarly… I mean, my girlfriend was watching iCarly, and a wagon backed into the school.  HAHA.  And then Sam gets in it.  It’s the same ugly blue that my car is!

And a sidenote, I won a Nardi on Yahoo Japan Auctions for $60 shipped @_@




~ by tehluckinator on July 8, 2010.

5 Responses to “TE72 Wagon on iCarly hahaha!”

  1. LOL I admit it, I sometimes watch iCarly. Bwahahaaha

  2. pleasant surprise lol
    and congratulations on the nardi!!! thats a crazy deal.

  3. Man I’ve been onfortunate enough to watch that dam show and that iCarly chick couldn’t act to save her dam life!!!e btw,congrats on the wheel,look dope.

  4. this must be the same movie car company that the “OC” used as they had the same blue corolla wagon on the show.

  5. I watched that epi also I was krakin up when I saw it. Also in the the 1st movie of transformers there was also a blue wagon in the scene in which that guy was gonna get his 1st car.

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