HELP NEEDED! Proficiency with JDM language please!

I need this translated ASAP, any help would be appreciated!

AE86 レース用ショック N1-SPL TRD?カヤバ製 中古









~ by tehluckinator on July 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “HELP NEEDED! Proficiency with JDM language please!”

  1. try Google Translate… I understood the first half of of that message, but Google only translates words.. not meanings/phrases/expressions/other.

  2. i did that but i couldn’t figure out wtf it was saying hahaha

    i’m trying to find out if these are blown or not

  3. Lucky it says, “finish your car already”

  4. hey lucky this is what it said hope i helped

    AE86 racing shock N1-SPL TRD? Kayaba-made

    Okayama International Circuit in N1 was used earlier in the race.

    But I forgot where I was the original
    AE831 I think it was almost the same length.
    It seems a few millimeters long TA481 and 比Bemashita.

    No. 48 531-SP040

    And vigorously pushing the rod back in first.

    There are other flaws, so repainting.

    Nanibun are old ones.
    Leakage current is not a new and, so the
    Please tender on the understanding.

  5. Turns out these shocks I found are some crazy N1 super short stroke rears. Hopefully I’m getting them =D

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