While everyone has been awesome with their TEs

I haven’t done shit =(

I got my Subaru though.  Alternator wasn’t working right until Dre fixed everything (I love you nigga no homo), and we put coilovers that I got.  Looks pretty shitty still, IT’S ON 14’S.  And I think 195/75, or something ridiculous.

Yuck.  And the *e7*club stickers are done, they came out awesome.  They were too expensive to do with 2 layers, so the next batch will just be one.  But thanks to Ron for getting these done, hit him up if you need vinyl!

My girlfriend has awesome stickers on her laptop, minus the canibeat knockoff.

I’ve also been collecting parts for the TE.  Blacktop Harness, Coil, Ignitor, manual ECU.  All I need is the waterline kit that’s still being made.  And Sexual Mexual Luis came to drop off my steering column that he made all nice and adjustable, and to rub his awesome TE in my face and inspire me haha.

I hope you fixed your deck haha.

And SOMEONE is making a comeback with their wagon. I AM EXCITE!



~ by tehluckinator on June 27, 2010.

One Response to “While everyone has been awesome with their TEs”

  1. =D good seeing you @ pepperlunch, place is awesome right? gotta try what u guys got sometime.

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