Finally got done with the mock-up, welding, and mounting of my chrome bumpers thanks to the help of Elysha Lee!

All in all, I’m happy how my fab making stuff skills came out with the brackets. Yes, the end-caps are off. They’re from the Philippines and needed some trimming but I’m not complaining. Good for what I’m doing with it. And my blinkers didn’t come in so I made them out of a folder

He’s pretty much prepped until the track day. Feels weird…

Thanks for looking!

and Lucky, if you don’t work on your car and if its not finished by October, I’m gettin off this BLOG!  GET IT GOIN!  Everyones finishing except you.  (yes, I’m gettin on yo ass)


~ by mayanwarrior on June 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “Shiny”

  1. Any pics of the brackets Luis? I want to see a base what i’m going to have to do.

  2. if the car doesn’t run by october, I’M gonna leave this site ahaha. you and mike got your 20v’s going, and grant has his car running. i’m the last one jesus christ, this sucks!

  3. luis this is kenny (fatlace) car is looking amazing dude!!! keep it up!

  4. Looking good Luis, just needs a matching kermit chin lip and it will look sick.

    Im a fan of the USDM black lights you guys got too.

  5. I have pics of the brackets that gave me an idea of what to look for. I’ll email them to you since mine look like sin and moose shit.

    Lucky: good to hear you want it done. Since we’re on the same page, you should be done by August

    Kenny- waaasaaaa! Havnt seen you in a while. Everytime I stop by Fatlace, you’re not working 😦

    Grant- I have a lip but it’s not painted and I don’t wanna risk blowing it up until I have another.

    Thanks for the kind words, fellas

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