86 Weekend

Well, aside from making brackets for the front chrome bumper (thanks Elysha! updates on that later), It was a very fulfilling Corolla Weekend.  Saturday after my girlfriend helped me with Booger’s Chrome Bumpers, we went to our friend Paul’s house to see whats up. I met Paul in 2003 after my first Drift Day.  He’s an avid AutoX’er and 86 nut!

He’s in the middle going from 16v to BlackTop 20v in his AE86 Here’s Paul showing us the progress he’s made on prepping for the 20v swap.

Then Elysha took a look at it since she’s gonna buy the engine.  Her AE86 Coupe just hit 317,000 ORIGINAL MILES on the motor (more on her and her car later).  4age = Bullet Proof

Here’s Paul’s 20v sitting patiently, waiting to be let loose!

Then today, my buddy dErryl called me up and invited me over to hang out.  He had a little AE86 mini meet and worked on cars at his casa de amor.  It was a beautiful day so I took my Suzuki GSX-R 600.  Definitely fun to ride and just cruise from point A to point B.

This is dErryl’s clean zenki Hatch.  Original paint along with banana flair

He swapped in a 20v as well.  THE CLEANEST stock swap I’ve ever seen.  He used Prius coilpacks so he didn’t have to rape the firewall like I did to mine.  I definitely want to have a clean a setup as his.

Another friend Dino was at dErryl’s house working on his SEXY Kouki Coupe.  Fresh out of paint, those fenders and WorkMeister rims sure know how to make me moist.

My buddy JayJay stopped by soon after in his dumped and rediculously rim’d S13 Hatch

Ok, quick story….JayJay was born with 6 fingers.  You know what a “HIGH 5” is right?  Well, for JayJay its a “HIGH 6” and its been an on-going joke for years now.  He’s such a great sport about it and Drew from Lab17 made stickers in his honor! LOL

Now, I’m worn out and browner from riding all day.  A really great bunch of people I’ve met through the years all because of my car and the drift culture.  These groups of crazies are friends that I look forward to hanging out with for a very, VERY long time.  Thanks for reading and drive/ride safe.


~ by mayanwarrior on June 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “86 Weekend”

  1. i wish i could have went, but instead i’m a good boy and stayed home and did homework =)

    and i just realized, i need coilpacks! shit!

  2. Looked like a fun day. Shit, I wished I lived in California…. One day.

  3. clean setup is easy. you and tehluckinator need to come to my town for the prius coils. $120 out the door with pig tails.

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