RIP ‘The Pipe’

Well my old faithful mega pipe broke last night, you can see it here from another drift day.

I just ran it at QR so i didn’t have a muffler on… unfortunately no other track lets me run it, even though there are far louder silvia’s and skylines etc… It fell off half way through the night and i just cable tied it back on, thinking it was fine. First lap out again it fell off and on closer inspection it completely snapped the welds.

On top of this, the bolts were giving me grief when i was trying to put it on at the start of the night, and trying to get it off one of the bolts binded up and we had to snapp it off.

Its good it happend now though cause it was going to be the last track day i ever use it anyway. Next week i will be welding on my new cannon that i bought in Thailand last year. Been looking forward to that going on for quite some time now.

Also somewhere during the night i lost my front lip on the car and didn’t realise untill the end of the night… So my chin lip is sitting somewhere in QR and is probably destined for the bin 😦
I have left details and sent an email, so hopefully someone finds it and keeps it for me…
I have another good condition one but i much prefer this one cause it has so much battle damage


~ by Grant Scott on June 11, 2010.

8 Responses to “RIP ‘The Pipe’”

  1. Man your car looks so mean from the front!

  2. I want that lip!!

  3. So do i lol! I hope i get it back.
    Something tells me someone else wanted it just as much at the track day and made it so…. 😦

  4. How was the event? Didja have some good ol fashion fun? GZE must have felt great openin it up.

    I hate losing stuff when I’m not at the track :(. I lost a rear valance on my 86 on the freeway and my S13’s lip on a mountain run. Doesn’t feel as cool. It’s like if I was a warrior and kicked ass in battle but once I get home to feed my goat, I fuckin scratch myself on the fence. Not manly at all

  5. hahaha yer i guess it is like that.

    Its funny too cause, its not so much not being able to use that is gay, its the fact i lost it.

    If i smashed into 1000 peices and definately couldnt fix it, i would be happy lol. Whereever it is, its still useable… Thats what annoys me loL!

  6. make sure you make a copy of your new one or get another spare 🙂

  7. Yer i dunno, ill see how i go… As long as i don’t loose this one (im still coming to terms with how i could have possibly lost the first one) i should be fine, ill just keep repairing it.

  8. hahahaha ur a funny guy grant just get ur other one spray paint it and then fuk it up hahahaha eg just make a replica

    anyway ive got a cannon on at the moment and im thinking of extractors and a sports exhause , so get rid of the cannon also i think the jdm pipe was sick dunno also hope ya had fun 2

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