Got This in the Mail!

Came home from work today and found couple packages that came in the mail.  Opened it and saw these

Beefy Lower Control Arms and rear 5 links from Techno Toy Tuning!  I have T3’s 1st generation lateral rod (2003).  Lasted all this time with beatings and going off track sideways at 60 miles per hour and still held great!  Definitely recommended.

I was tired from work and hungry  but I couldn’t wait so I installed them right away LOL

Feels SO solid.  If the rally guys can beat these up on the tarmac, I’m sure drifting with these will be no problem.  They’ll go along great with my Techno Toy Tuning Negative Camber Roll Center Adjusters (how many times did I plug T3 on here 😀  )

Once installed, I just took pictures to show how much angle I can get with manual rack and power steering knuckles.

I have room for more but this is fine for right now.  I have trouble sometimes bringing it back at full lock because things tend to hyper extend.  I’ll have to sort that out sometime and see whats up.

Took it out to drive around and get him moving about.  Took some *as is* pics before the light ran out.

Yes, the front looks too high because a friend of mine let me borrow those rims.  He stretched 175-55-15 on a 15×8 with zero offset rim.  Crazy guy.  Sticker on the rear quarter window is of my uncle who passed away when I was 1.  This build is dedicated to him and Drew of Lab17 custom made this sticker for me.

Around the back is an sign to show that its EXIT ONLY!  Booger does NOT like the wang so don’t go tryin to sneak through the back door.  Driven Authority is a shop in Sacramento that is very much involved in the drift scene but specialize in Nissan 300z’s.

Next is my good pal Badtz Maru.  He’s been with me since I started in 2003.  I ALWAYS have to have him when I slide.  Thunderdrift is an organization where we can Drift in NorCal.  Only track where we can have definite and consistent track time.

Then the front.  Yes, I know, I needs to slap on those chrome bumpers.  FC3S oil cooler up top infront of the Koyo Aluminum radiator.

Then my dirty and nasty cock……….pit.  Its an eyesore but it does the job for me.  Made a little switch panel above my tape player with detachable face for headlights, windshield wipers, fan and radio.

Thanks for reading.  I need to shower because I smell like mexi-CAN because I am one.


~ by mayanwarrior on June 10, 2010.

5 Responses to “Got This in the Mail!”

  1. omg luis paint all of your wheels gold! IT LOOKS SO GOOD WITH THAT COLOR =O~

  2. Looking good mate, i got a set of T3 lca’s and some t3 copy rear arms. Does a good job, they are a good bit of kit.

    Also i want to paint my cage cusco blue…

  3. Car looks like a beast from the front.

  4. Love it dude! Your T3 gear makes me want to buy some myself.

  5. what happened to your mirrors?

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