Slide Night Tomorrow

Im off for a Queensland Raceway session tomorrow, really looking forward to it… I havent been to QR in a couple of months, and last time i broke an axle an hour in… Not to mention it was my first time there with the new motor.

Not sure if i will have any pics to share cause it will be night, but here are some i took this arvo



~ by Grant Scott on June 9, 2010.

6 Responses to “Slide Night Tomorrow”

  1. good luck tomorrow! and i’m glad that you’re posting, it’s rad!

    we’re just missing one more





  2. NICE! I think you’re the first one to be going to an event since this Blog was up. Have fun! Don’t go clutch kicking too much. Might blow the tranny 😦

  3. Haha nah it loves the clutch, the ze doesnt need it as much as my old motor though.

  4. Damn I’m still in love with this car.

  5. GZE is torque monster. Drove a friends 86 with GZE and I didn’t clutch kick once! Can’t wait to hear bout it

  6. Had a good night, got plenty of good runs in. Lol my mega no muffler pipe broke, so now i definately have to do my cannon.

    Also i lost my front lip 😦

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