Fuck you, Nakamura.

Stolen from FRSedan.  This is new to me for Meihan.  Before it was like, “oh man, wall scraping, so cool!”  But now I’m just mad.  Nakamura isn’t just wall scraping, but he’s getting retarded angle now too.  Now every other car looks so boring, even though they’re ripping it.  “No negative angle, how lame!”

And if he’s not going all crazy with the angle, he’ll just get like 1 inch away from the car in front.  Oh, you know, it’s nothing.

He’s like Jesus or something.



~ by tehluckinator on June 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Fuck you, Nakamura.”

  1. its weird how he qualified 2nd for D1 on saturday, but sunday he wasn’t even on the top 16. the judges must have been hung over lol.

  2. fawkkkkkkkkkkk thats sick!

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