My week.

This usually isn’t such a personal blog, but my week was pretty interesting.

Finally got the Legacy, went to the tow yard to pick it up, shit wouldn’t start!  Battery was dead, bought a new one, still wouldn’t start.  So I called my friend Dre up, him and my friend Emilio came up and cranked it the first try.  What the fuck.  Cleaned it up a little in Sac, drove home, AND THE CAR DIED WHEN I EXITED.  Bullshitted with the car for a long time at the gas station, ended up limping it to Dre’s work which was pretty close to where I was stranded.  He also fixed some shifter shit for me.

So while he fixes the car, I’m driving around his Corolla, which by the way, is for sale.  I’ve never daily driven a Corolla, and THIS SHIT IS HORRIBLE.  Going over dips in my 240 was kinda bad I guess, more annoying than anything.  But in this fucking car I leave my seat.  My back hurts!  I’m a girl though.

I also drove his wagon around for the day, fucking nice:

This is also interesting, I was at my friend’s house, and my friend from high school came through, he’s fucking hilarious.  Check out the tattoo he got:

HAHAHAHA SO GOOD.  Btw black and white stickers are done.

Waiting on the celeste/tiffany ones, then I’ll be shipping some out.  Oh, and beer pong for the whole last week with my girlfriend’s family, they sure love it haha.

And this block game at D&B, go play it!

I also bought a blacktop ECU from my friend Mando, and bought a blacktop harness, dizzy, and coil and ignitor from some Washington dude.  Motor is about ready to be swapped, waiting on the waterline kit!  And buy my Megasquirt stuff!



~ by tehluckinator on May 31, 2010.

6 Responses to “My week.”

  1. I want that ae86!!!

  2. Stickers came out awesome! Send some my way! 😀
    Ill have to get my arse into gear about those midnight mechanic ones

  3. Dam we shoiuld have traded that MS stuff for all the stock stuff I got lol

    Need stickers!

  4. yeah seriously, that would have been perfect haha.

    tiffany/celeste ones are coming this weekend! i’ll send some out when i get them!

  5. Ill take a white one asap! Ya I was tellin u I had everything forever. I’m gonna start running fuel lines today and hopfully have it running by this weekend

  6. WTF, I want an e7 sticker!

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