just for fun

A couple days ago I installed a Mazda RX7 oil cooler (FC3S), getting it prepped for 2 days of drifting in the desert on the 4th of July weekend.  Since Blacktop 20V didn’t come with oil cooler option, I had to run a Mocal thermostat adapter plate and made my own stainless steal lines to run it.

I also had to make brackets to mount it on some stock *e7* bolt locations.  First time really Tig Welding aluminum and man, my welds look like bird and goat shit but they do their job to hold and secure

I chose this locations because it fits perfectly behind the grill.  And yes, I’m going to run a grill.  The bozo style (with the oil cooler outside and crazy oil line routing) is not for me.  I like keeping it discrete and hidden.  Oil pressure is good and now I have a peace of mind when pushing my Booger non stop at a track event.

Next is this.  Its an AE86 cluster but what’s different…..

I just finished this tonight.  I found a Toyota FX16 GTS at the junkyard and quickly snatched the cluster.  I modified the tachometer to work perfectly with the AE86 cluster so I now have a Toyota factorty 9000rpm redline.

Thanks to VitriumGTS on providing me the info needed to do this.

That’s it for now.  Going to heavily attack mounting the bumpers next week.


~ by mayanwarrior on May 25, 2010.

4 Responses to “just for fun”

  1. wow nice job on the oil cooler, looks really neat

  2. Nice!!

    Don’t forget to get some video of yourself Luis.

  3. Looking good Luis!

  4. Looks cool, I’m being a dumbass and mounting mine outside where it can be destroyed. I need to make an update jus gotta take some pics

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