what color you guys like?

since my friends at Techno Toy Tuning have been helping me a lot with Booger, I’m puttin a T3 sticker on it as well as other stuffs to show support and thanks for the people who’ve helped me along the way. I have these schemes to choose from. What you guys think?

I think the MexiColor scheme but no eagle so it looks Italian LOL. He’s workin on incorporating an eagle in the middle without it lookin funny.

All these is gonna be done for All Star BASH! 2 days of drifting/camping/controlled drinking/AWESOMENESS!

all opinions welcome!


~ by mayanwarrior on May 20, 2010.

16 Responses to “what color you guys like?”

  1. I say MexiColor! he should try putting the eagle behind the white text, so it doesn’t appear only on the white areas (you couldn’t tell its an eagle because you’ll only see pieces of it).

  2. stickers on an old school car is a bad idea man D=

    well not a whole side at least @_@

  3. Stickers add horse power. There’s gonna be 300hp Nissans there. I need all the ponies I can get!

    It doesn’t look THAT bad. Plus, I built this car to drive, not look good. I’m gonna be puttin stickers on it for the people who got me where I am today in drifting as a “thank you, couldn’t have done it without you” skit

  4. well in that case can i have a picture of my face on your roof! i haven’t helped you but i’ll give you 20 bucks hahah!

  5. I think T3 should help everyone else by giving the downsides of their products so people dont have to dicovered them for themself after the purchase..

  6. OUCH!

  7. What is the problem you encountered? Have you called or emailed them directly? They’re known for their customer service and quick responses. Let me know what is it and I’ll bring it to his attention directly.

  8. no not my problem, I am lucky enough to already know about it. Ok these products:

    -Rear Strut Tower Tri-Bar for AE86 Corolla
    -Rear Strut Tower Brace for AE86 Corolla

    they do nothing and shouldn’t be sold, well the don’t on the site claim they do anything.

    -Negative Camber Roll Center Adjusters for AE86 Corolla

    this one tottaly messes up the scrub radius angle and there is no mention of that on the site

    -Rear Coilover Conversion for AE86 Corolla

    looks the good but no-where do they mention that you need to mod(ie:bash) your car towers to make them fit. Thats a bit of an oversight dont you think?

    Don’t get me wrong most of their products are awesome and I am using the shifter bush kit myself , I just find these very disapointing.

  9. What will bad scrub radius do for you? Just curious since I have their ncrca and deep rims and tons of camber lol. I hav nt driven the car yet so I don’t know what to expect

  10. brake steer, if you apply the brake while going around a corner it’s meant to change your direction. I never tried them personally and I am no expert on it. I have trouble getting decriptive answers out of why people don’t like them, the last one I got was “it felt funny”. Imagine a line from your strut top through your lower ball joint and continue it to the ground, most of the time it’s meant to line up roughly in the middle of the tyre. This is one of the reasons why modern cars have high positive offset wheels, apart from packaging it helps acheive good geometry easier. TRD thought it was enough of an issue that they made a part that moved the ball joint in the other direction- a positive roll center adjuster, how funny is that!

  11. So if you’ve never tried them personally, how do you have any idea wtf you are talking about? Slander just for the sake of slander pretty weak.

  12. well good question, let look at these “rear braces”, you need to look at it from a structual point of view. AE86’s don’t have rear strut towers and there is no side load on the top of these top damper mounting points and even if this area did flex it would have virtually no effect on the car’s handling. The lateral diff movement is controlled by the panhard rod and nothing else. If our cars had a macpherson rear suspension design it would be a very different story (ie: MK4 Supra). Don’t get me wrong I think most of Gabes products are awesome, I just remembered I also have on of the adjustable pulleys and I can’t fault it. I just don’t understand it though here we have a company delivering real enthusiast products and exceptionally well made ones at that and then there’s these odditities. I admit I am biast here because I want everyone to uphold the same sort of buisness mindset I do and get really irritated when they don’t. Maybe I am being unrealistic? can someone give me an honest answer to this question

  13. The rear of the AE86’s, in particular, the hatches vs coupe are a big open box prone to tons of flexing. If you can tie things together any way possible, it does tighten up the chassis stiffness. We, Cusco and Jubirde make a rear tribar combo of similar design. Our customers state marked improvements in responsiveness from this setup. I always suggest that someone install a full cage if they are really racing a lot. Nothing and I mean nothing stiffens the chassis on the AE86 more than a cage.

  14. I’m pleased I located this web page, I couldnt get any knowledge on this subject before. I also manage a website and if you want to ever interested in doing some guest writing for me if possible feel free to let me know, im always look for people to check out my web site. Please stop by and leave a comment sometime!

  15. Gabe thanks for posting, now guys I will be back soon I just have not had much time near my pc lately. Now is the post above spam?

  16. ok finally some time, now there is a few things wrong with that theory, the “rear brace” is mounted quite low and close to the floor and on something that’s resonable thick and on an angled shape to that floor. Where this is bolted (by medicore means at that) is structually quite stiff. Add to that the twisting of the cabin has a mechanical advantage over that low point by a large margin so even if it could stop it from there it would have to welded on, otherwise the slop from the bolt holes alone would not take up. However we obviously have different viewpoints and I think I know a way to prove it. I am thinking of a linear bearing, two tubes and rods on a diagonal across the cabin. I would on this have a modified vernier caliper, so if there is any bending in the cabin it would be able to measured with hard real numbers. I would use a digital angle gauge on the roof of the car and tilt the car up to 30 degrees- a very harsh test indeed.

    Anyway moving on your rear coilover kit looks awesome and I have considered using it myself however if I would of bought it at the time and found out later that body mods where needed to make it fit I would be been furious. Can I suggest you add info like that on the product page? otherwise it’s really not fair on the guys buying.

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