Preparing for the Legacy.

I’m picking up the Legacy on Saturday!  My Integra is up on Craigslist, I want $2000 for it, hopefully I sell it ASAP.  I found some coilovers already for cheap, and some CR Kai knockoffs, 17×9 +28 for $500 shipped.  Doubtful that they’ll fit on the Wagon, my friend Dre has some 17×9 +40-something on his Impreza wagon, I’ll try them on first.

Excited!  And waiting for that waterline kit to come out for the TE, and the harness is a lost cause.  Fucking gay.


White on white, hmm.  I was thinking of a brown-ish color, too.


~ by tehluckinator on May 19, 2010.

3 Responses to “Preparing for the Legacy.”

  1. Erm dude, sorry for offtopic but would you like to feature my KE70 and my friend’s? I’ll forward the picture via email. Please tell me your email thanks.

  2. I only need to solder 6 more wires and my harness is done! I should be running by next week. So excited right now

  3. Rad, i have the desire to start doing some engine work on my car… High power charged rolla mmm…..

    Maybe i should actually start posting on here lol

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