Finally: STICKERS!

Grant made this the other day, I think it looks awesome!  Final colors haven’t yet been decided, but we’re probably going to run multiple colors.

If you’re interested in copping one let me know!  Let’s get this sticker barter going!  These should be done next week hopefully?



~ by tehluckinator on May 15, 2010.

8 Responses to “Finally: STICKERS!”

  1. tiffany and chrome bitch.

    give me one for my Te72 SC300.


    celeste and chrome sounds good but i wonder how it’ll look. i guess i’ll ask ron to try it?

  3. just make them in the canibeat format.

    in all seriousness however, trust me.

  4. p.s. tiffany is such a hotter name than celeste.

  5. i need me some stickahs

  6. Multiple yes(s)

  7. I prefer it to be white. Can be nicely put on my KE70 hehe.

  8. *arnold voice* when can you start

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