Tie rod spacers!

I was cleaning my room the other day, and look what I found!  Luis made these for me like… 3 years ago?  Are these the same size as the ones that you had on yours?  When the TIE RODS CAME OFF @_@  I hope not haha.


~ by tehluckinator on May 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Tie rod spacers!”

  1. Hoo those are kinda thick looking… Can the tie rod even thread on the rack with the ones as pictured?

  2. yeah that’s my question. luis made some for himself and the tie rods unthreaded themselves HAHA

  3. that was on my TE72 😦

    I had the EXACT SAME SIZE on my AE86 and NEVER had a problem. I honestly think it has to do with tie rods. On AE86, I have Moog tie rods and I’m sure it has a lot more thread insert than my stock ones on the TE. I remember being sleepy while installed and said fuck it.
    Not Good.
    I get crazy angle in my AE with these though

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