More 86 filler media.

I really need some stuff for my car.

You guys have probably seen this:

I searched through his videos, found a video of the driving.  Shit is amazing, it seriously looks like a video game to me, so easy.  BEAMS motor is the business.

Looks like a little kid is driving.



~ by tehluckinator on May 3, 2010.

8 Responses to “More 86 filler media.”

  1. Beams sure is awesome, looks like a pretty slippery setup plus tall diff gears.
    Good fun though

  2. 3rd gear slides sick!!!

  3. Kid, looks more like a chick to me, LOL! Or he could be a real tiny dude, either way, he’s smooth though.

  4. o man… 2-3 upshifts in a rolla and also NA… amazing. That was so sick

  5. yeah man tachin out 2nd and perfectly making the turn, and then upshifting into the next corner. that’s pretty awesome. i wonder how clutch kick mid turn with hella horsepower is. (i’ll never know, goddamn 20v haha)

  6. The only time I’m able to upshift from 2nd to 3rd is at thunderhill at the back of the course on that blind hill. Goin downhill gives me enough speed to slam into 3rd and once i’m in it, a little clutch kick into VVTi and hello Mr. Fun!

  7. i love that downhill. one time i upshifted from 2nd to 5th HAHA. AND it still got out for like 1 second!

  8. 2nd to 5th?! Holy Fuck! What did you have in your engine? FRAM oil filter?

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