Lacking updates…

Pretty much have come to a halt, seeing as there’s nothing else to do.  Guy still can’t find the harness, pretty whack.  But if anyone is interested in trading what I have for stock blacktop electronics, I is down with the get down.  Hit me up if you want my almost complete MS setup!  Also, waiting on Max Misawa to get Cusco tranny mounts in, then I’ll be heading to SJ to pick up those and engine mounts.

Waterline kit should be in production soon.

See, so pretty much I can’t do anything until I get those things.

I did get me and Luis a pair of these though:

Pretty cheap, too!  Came out to $22.78 shipped for both!

Still gotta do something about suspension too.



~ by tehluckinator on April 30, 2010.

7 Responses to “Lacking updates…”

  1. lemme get that MS tune.. i still got stock electronicssss

  2. YOU DO?!

    what do you have? if i can sell my ms stuff i’ll buy it off of you haha.

    btw how do i get the tune off of the ecu? serial port right? just get a usb adapter, and then what? i’ll do it for you np.

  3. i got blacktop dizzy, coil and ignitor left i think. yea u need a serial cable and a way to power up the MS. Also download the megatune software from I could pull the tune but you would have to mail it to me.. lol

  4. buy my suspension. i know you need rcas and coilovers 🙂

  5. just get the MS harness from DIY, its 60 bucks and its halfway pre made. The MS side is all done and all of the wires are printed on them what they go to. Its fool proof. All you gotta do it connect it to your sensors, injectors and coils. Shits brainless and cheap. Thats what im doing and its clean as hell

  6. derryl – i’m already supposed to pick up some agx’s for stupid cheap haha

    mike – yeah i’ll probably just go that route. haven’t messed with wires for SHIT though, i hope it’s as easy as you say.

  7. me and my friend started re-doing his harness to his EDIS on his blacktop. Old job was a nightmare. Some wires are spliced 3 or four times. Should be finished soon though, its easy if you know how to solder har har. Do you have connectors for the injectors and stuff?

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