One more nerd post.

Okay last one.  I bought this game:

Contrary to what some reviews are saying, it’s fucking fun.  It’s not as good as a shooter game as other games, but I didn’t buy it for that.  I bought it for the whole team-play aspect.  If I just wanted run and gun bullshit I would have just gotten COD.  But this game’s pretty awesome because of the fact that in order to win you HAVE to work together.  Which gets annoying when you play with a bunch of people just trying to get a kill-streak.

And 128 vs 128 is AMAZING.  And it doesn’t lag either!

Just get it.  Go right now, go buy it.  And let’s make a clan.

Add me on PSN – TehLuckinator



~ by tehluckinator on April 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “One more nerd post.”

  1. i will once my bulb in my tv gets replaced today

  2. YES

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