Updated picsssss

Lowered the front half and inch + got sooooooo much done recently. Hope to have it running for DriftSpot event July 19th

~ by TE72SPL on April 24, 2010.

8 Responses to “Updated picsssss”

  1. Truly beutiful.
    Makes me want to dump my s13 for a te27:-(

  2. Loving that engine bay, i want to get mine sprayed…

    I’m too slack, too poor and too dodgy…

  3. Looking good Mike, Thing looks beastly.

  4. oh man looking good! i just realized, you’re the only 2 door in the club haha.

  5. i love our tree. makes a great bg

  6. thanks guys, lol i spent like 15 bucks on two cans of metallic gray spray paint and two cans of self etching primer… and a week of sanding and prepping

  7. The whole thing looks amazing. Inspirational build.

  8. shit! long champs! Damn! argh!!!

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