Nerd post!

Completely uncar-related, so stop reading!

Recently got a 52 inch Sony LCD TV, it’s pretty rad.  Also hooked up some sound system we had laying around.  Just picked up a PS3, and wow, this shit is fucking amazing.  I used to play games more when I was younger, but now with this PS3 I’m pretty sure I’ll be playing more.  NERD TIME.

So, what do you guys play?


No COD please.

Thinking of picking up either MAG or Battlefield 2.  Not really looking into spending countless hours in front of my TV, so that rules out that new Final Fantasy that came out.

Any suggestions?  I’ve missed out on a lot of shit, I’m sure, and I see some best sellers for $30, so maybe I’ll pick that up.  But I have Michelle’s old Nintendo DS that she doesn’t want, so I’ll trade that in for something.


BTW add me up, my username is TehLuckinator


~ by tehluckinator on April 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “Nerd post!”

  1. I like video games but I ended owning my 360 to buy my car believe or not. Hahaha, best decision I ever made.

  2. my username is z31spl, i play Dirt2, sickest shit ever. battlefield 1943 and a bunch of other stuff. Used to play metal gear online but all my friends moved onto COD.. gay

    what kinda games you into. I highly recommend dirt2 if you like rally and hanging it out. Imagine dirt dropping a cliff.. insane

  3. Bioshock 1 and 2.
    Fallout 3!

  4. Buy FIFA 10 🙂 Always a cool pick up game. If your into soccer.
    Add me PSN: VYKTR

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