Oh man the old dream.

Browsing online,  I saw the blue 326 Power S15 drifting in slow motion capture, pretty sweet.  So I check out the rest of the videos, and find this:

MIDDLE CAR.  Onevia, 326 power wing, white cr-kais.  Oh man, the plan for my old car.  All it’s missing is a roof wing, and red paint.  This slow motion capture is awesome too, none of that “reduce to 50% speed” video editing bullshit haha.  Another video, one less car:

So awesome.  I know people are die-hard Toyota fans, but I love this car haha.  If I could trade my TE for a 240 with a kit, SR with tons of power, and awesome wheels, I’d do it.

Oops, did I just say that on here D=



~ by tehluckinator on April 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Oh man the old dream.”

  1. Ay Lucky, what track is this..? i remember seeing videos yeaaaars ago at this track and thinking the same thing, but i never really found out

  2. cool videos!! and i’d do the trade too, if i had the same options as you.

  3. i have no clue what the hell track this is, i see it all the time though. anyone know?

  4. i think its like tkl kartland or something.. maybe not

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