Oysters and shit.

Fellow *e7*club member (oh, sounds so cool!) Luis came by with Elysha and dropped off the manual rack he found for me at Pick n Pull, and I gave him the column to extend or something.  I don’t know.  Then I took out the old crappy rack:

I was gonna put in the other rack, but then I forgot about the rack bushings.  I think manual rack ones are different?  Not sure, I’ll have to ask someone (or someone tell me) so those have to be ordered.  New rack:

Ghetto-sprayed the engine bay, ooh-wee:

And eating:

Me girlfriend and Maddi:

Dre put the gas tank up in like 2 minutes as opposed to my 3-hour job:

Got all excited to pick up the motor, cleaned it up, and then as we were separating the harness and sorting it out, turns out IT’S NOT EVEN THE RIGHT FUCKING HARNESS.  Holy shit how lame is that.  No one even knows what it goes to, so hopefully the person I bought the motor from can find it.

How it sits:

By the way, Brice, I remember you asked for a picture of where the firewall had to be cut for the steering rack:

Things to do:

  • Order steering rack bushings (find out which ones to get)
  • Get Cusco motor mounts from Max
  • Waterline shit, get update from gotzoom!

~ by tehluckinator on April 18, 2010.

7 Responses to “Oysters and shit.”

  1. fml you guys already had a kid? i need to catch up with KC!!!!! <333333333333333 ;D

  2. Wht upp dawg! The bushings should be included so don’t order any! Use the one from the driver side since it’s the same. I gave you the one for passenger that goes on the brackets I slotted. It’s the round bushing.

    Sorry couldn’t make it back. After lunch, we wen to the outlets for hella long. It was just a beautiful day to walk around. Then got back home and had more sex. I’m a fuckin machine!

  3. luis i want some sweet hard prothane ones though haha

    and thanks again for the rack you machine. ahaha.

  4. Then hit up T3. He sells the bushings that are made for that swap in prothane. His bushings plus your powersteerung brackets since the ones I gave yiu are hard to find

  5. http://www.lpiracing.com/Toyota-MR2-AE86-Prothane-Steering-Rack-Pinion-Bushing-Kit-18-702-85-89–12621p150111.htm

    i thought i just needed these D=

  6. oh damn. Do IT! I didn’t know those existed. I may have to order some now….that’s CHEEAP!

  7. blogs with cars suck.
    your gf = too hot for you.

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