Car Moved! -Lucky

My car moved today holy crap.  Not running moved, but moved to another house.

I love the height right now.  You know… with no springs in the front… and no shocks in the rear.

Should be getting to work on it this weekend.  Luis, you’re still coming on Sunday, right?  I’ll have the column out.



~ by tehluckinator on April 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Car Moved! -Lucky”

  1. Sits pretty nice in the last picture. You need a quad light front end!

    Where did you guys move it to?

  2. I’ll hit you up on Sunday and stop by to drop off the goods. I’m goin to scope out Pick N Pull and look for 3rd gen supras to do your coloumn right instead of welding it. I didn’t bring tools because I didn’t know I’d have time to kill before a baptism.

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